Food Utensils

The world offers quite a wide variety of choice meals and sometimes it becomes tricky to make a selection from the list. However, the array of items used in the preparation of food is more confusing and many home cooks do not understand the use of most tools. Food utensils are those paraphernalia used in preparation and service of food and can be generally categorized as kitchen utensils, serving utensils and eating utensils.

Kitchen utensils are numerous and they include items such as bowls, chef’s knife, cauldron, colander, can opener, potato peeler, cutting board, food mill, frying pan, grater, knife, ladle, measuring cup, meat tenderizer, rolling pin, pestle and mortar among others. Some of them are simple tools operated by the hand whereas others are a bit mechanized and less human effort is required. All in all, utensils are essential components of successful cooking that will leave the guests asking for more of your food. One advantage of using the more developed tools is that less time is used to achieve better results of any given job. For instance, using a potato peeler is more efficient than using a plain knife. Peeling using a knife involves the risk of cuts, physical contamination of food and even wastage. On the other hand, a peeler is safer as it poses no risk of cuts and also reduces on waste. Generally, proper utilization of kitchen tools makes the task of food preparation easier, cheaper and with better results.

Maintaining a neat and meticulous environment around the kitchen is a vital aspect in catering. A kitchen that harbors disorganized items or dirty utensils reduces one’s motivation to cook and even the appetite of some individuals whose stomachs are sensitive. In addition, dirty utensils provide a haven where harmful bacteria and other micro organisms thrive. If the utensils are not properly washed or the food preparation area not properly disinfected, dishes can transfer contamination to food leading to infections. Cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained in the kitchen and all kitchenware should be kept clean, dry and covered (unexposed).

With a guarantee of quality and hygiene form the kitchen it is needless to describe the reception at the dining table. Here we find more food utensils such as chopsticks, tongs, skewer, drinking straws and cutlery to mention but a few. Diners will no doubt love the food served if all the accompanying utensils will be made available. Missing eating utensils while the food is cooling on the table is a shame no matter how tasty the meal might be. The host should therefore see to it that all the necessary eating apparatus are provided and that they are in good shape. This calls for a wise and informed decision during the selection and purchase of food utensils. However costly they might be, getting modest food utensils will appeal to the hosts and add value to your meals.

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