Pancake Spatulas For Your Kitchen Collection

July 13, 2012 Posted by Stacie

Every kitchen needs a collection of pancake spatulas, and thanks to a booming industry that specializes in kitchen design and culinary specialties, you can find a large variety of them. Spatulas are available in many different materials, and you can even find the colors and patterns that will match your kitchen or your cookware. There are all purpose spatulas that can be used for everything from pancakes to hamburgers to eggs, and there are specialty spatulas too such as those used only for pancakes. If you are someone who enjoys making a good breakfast, choosing a utensil just for pancakes is advisable and fun.

From the large selection of pancake spatulas available at retailers, specialty cookware stores, and online look for one that has a nylon head. This material will allow the spatula to slip easily under the pancake in order to flip in properly. The nonstick material will ensure a pancake that keeps its form, and is evenly heated on both sides and throughout. While nylon is the most preferred material for these sorts of spatulas, they also come in wood, metal and other durable and reliable surfaces. The handles are also important. Look for a spatula that is easy to grip, will not slip out of your hand, and is heat resistant.

The price range moves from affordable to expensive. You can spend as little as $1 and as much as $30. It depends on where you like to shop and what you want your pancake spatulas to look and feel like. The nylon heads are often available in neutral colors as well as bright pastels, primary colors, and even pretty patterns that are unique and seasonal. Shop around and talk to other pancake chefs about the spatulas they have had the best luck with. With the right utensil, you can count on perfect pancakes.

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