The Three Best Diet Shake Ingredients

July 19, 2012 Posted by Stacie

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a new weight loss program is eliminating foods from the diet. Rather than eliminating the foods and cutting calories, changes should be made in the diet itself. This means not reducing the amount of food that is eaten, but changing the food and choosing whole and healthy ingredients.

Diet shake recipies can be found to give you the goodness of a full day’s recommendation of vitamins, nutrients and proteins, giving you the nutrient-rich meal that you need to start the day.

What are three power packed ingredients that should be included in the diet shake?

Protein Powder
Protein powder can be used to build the muscle in the body, combating the development of fat by increasing the metabolism. The more muscle that is found in the body, the higher the fat burning potential but to build the muscle it’s important to first create a protein rich diet. Protein powders and supplements can be added to diet shakes to enhance weight loss.

Spinach, kale and other leafy greens contain tons of nutrients that can give you the energy and vitamins needed to excel at weight loss. Including the greens in the shake is simple, and raw, have very little taste. Combined with berries, and natural juices, greens can create a delicious diet shake to get rid of those last few pounds.

Berries are filled with antioxidants and are a popular way to lose weight. Combined with proteins and greens, berries can help to create a delicious flavor for the dieter while providing the powerful ingredients that are going to rid the body of toxins.  Raspberry ketones have shown to help shed pounds, so include them in your shakes.

Diet shakes should be consumed for the first meal of the day, as an alternative to breakfast. Using the shakes, you can get the energy needed to get through the entire day – and even fit in a workout.

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